English Teaching Jobs in Turkey

Get A Teaching Job in Turkey

English Teaching Jobs in Turkey

We are teachers too!

Together we have over 10 years experience of teaching English in Turkey. 

We know the challenges. We have found some solutions (and a couple of short cuts as well). 

We've made lots of mistakes along the way. 

Now we help others avoid making the same ones. 

This website is free for teachers to use and we hope you will join us and become an active, valuable member of our community of teachers in Turkey.

Our own ESL teaching careers have taken us all over the world.  We know from the schools that we have worked in that they have difficulty finding teachers and we know from experience how hard it can be to find a job teaching English abroad. This is especially true in Turkey as there just isn't really any one place you can go to get all the information about living and working as an English teacher in Turkey.

That’s why we started this site.

Between our group of associates we know the schools personally and we have first hand experience of working in many of them.  We are well placed to help you find an English teaching job in Turkey that you will be happy with. Register your email address and we will send updates straight to your inbox. Follow our blog and contribute articles.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Happy Teachers

“When I was looking for a teaching job in Istanbul I just sent random applications to about 19 schools.  I only heard back from two of them and not until several months later!  I didn’t even know if they were hiring, or who I should contact at the school.  I must have wasted hours.” Susan, Australia.

It really works! "I was able to find a job in the city I was hoping to work in within one month!!! They were very efficient and helpful!"
Thank you 🙂
Leo Hirzel - Germany

Problem solved

This is the website we wished there was when we first set out to teach English in Turkey!

So many teachers we have spoken to found their teaching jobs in Turkey by word of mouth.  Going door to door asking for vacancies or by emailing the info@ address of each school one by one. Not much fun, and not much use (except for the very lucky one or two). Most people don’t have time to sit around waiting for months for a school to get back to them! And when they don’t reply to your email in the first place how do you know they will ever contact you?

What we do!

  • We bring every (almost!) teaching job in Turkey under one roof.
  • We scour the internet (and the streets!) so you don’t have to.
  • We draw on our extensive network of schools and teachers.
  • We give you everything you need in one place.
  • We get your CV into the right hands at the right time.

If you are new to Turkey we can also talk you through the residence and work permit processes. It can be a bumpy road, so don’t struggle on your own!

Get A Teaching Job in Turkey

Happy to help

Finding an English teaching job in Turkey is not that easy.  In fact, English teachers in Turkey are not that easy for schools to find either for that matter!  We provide a simple, efficient way for teachers and schools to connect with each other. We wanted to make life a little bit easier for everyone! It's not easy on your own.

Who we are

We are a small group of British and American teachers who have been teaching English all over the world for many years.

From rural villages in China, to the deserts of the Middle East.  From overcrowded classrooms with no materials to international schools with iPads and smartboards.  Between us we have pretty much got it covered!

The wonderful thing about teaching English abroad from a travelling point of view is that it allows you to spend real time in a country and get under the skin of a culture and a people.  English teachers occupy the privileged position of meeting and talking to people from a diverse cross-section of society, asking the questions and opinions of their students that offer an insight impossible to obtain by reading a guide-book!

However, the ‘teach english and fund your way around the world’ message is not one we support or subscribe to.  There are great limitations with this approach for the students and the employers.

The wonderful thing about teaching english as a second language from a career point of view is that the options are limitless and it must be one of the most portable fail safe jobs around!  Whatever happens in life and wherever you find yourself in the world, if you have teaching skills you will be able to make a living.  There are opportunities for professional development at every stage of your career and many people choose to build their own business through private lessons to have more control over their time.

However, it’s never been easy to land the better jobs. Especially if you are new to the country or when you are trying to get hired before you move.

This is particularly true in Istanbul and Turkey in general. There just doesn’t seem to be anywhere you can go to get information or help about English teaching jobs. So that’s why we started this website!

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