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With Babbel learning Turkish is easy and fun!

The first course is free here.

When it comes to language learning there is a lot of conflicting advice out there, not to mention competing systems.

Let's be honest.....foreign languages are hard!

But learning online with Babbel is simple and fun and it has a few clever features to keep you moving forward.

  • Short interactive lessons make learning entertaining
  • Wide range of lesson topics and content
  • Babbel is there whenever and wherever you want.
  • No books, no teacher, no schedule.
  • Nice mixture of repetition and interaction
  • Progresses at your own pace
  • Online community of users for real practice and experience
  • 700,000 users
  • Progress is stored and filtered for revision
  • The first course is free,and it's really cheap after that
  • No CD's or downloads
  • Your pronunciation is monitored and scored by your microphone

The tasks are mainly vocabulary based, covering a nice range of topics. If you are about the make the move to Turkey this will give you a great foundation and it doesn't cost anything like as much as other alternatives.

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  • The 100 Most Important Words
  • Holiday
  • Body
  • Relationships
  • Food and Drink
  • Media
  • Digital World
  • Home Transport and Travel
  • Basic Properties
  • Clothes
  • Free Time
  • Feelings and Attitudes
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Life

Language Learning Made Simple

Babbel is based on a combination of educational methodology and state-of-the-art technology that makes learning languages easy. Lively multi-media courses and exercises are not only fun, but make for enduring success. The learning system determines your level and offers you a selection of courses appropriate to your abilities and interests.

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The New Way to Learn Foreign Language: Intuitive and Effortless

In learning, having fun is key. We think that retaining what you learn is contingent not so much upon discipline and hard work, but rather upon taking bite-sized steps and engaging with material that is entertaining.

With Babbel studying is no longer like pulling teeth -- you'll never procrastinate again! Fast, clear tutorials, playful exercises and useful themes so automatically capture your attention and interest that you'll want to learn. You'll be compelled to stick with it -- because it's fun.