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"I'm Yasmin Shakwat. An English teacher from India. I wanted to try my luck in another country and started applying for quite a lot of different jobs to see what I could get. I didn't get any replies at all at first, and I was spending SO much time applying online in all different places.  I was so happy to find this resource with all the great opportunities in one place!  The bonus materials you get too make a huge difference.  It's amazing value!  Thank you so much.  I am really happy with the job offer I got."
- Yasmin Shawkat


"Within a week I got a job at a top private school on 1,000 TL more than my last job.
The membership fee is nothing compared to what you can achieve."
- Evan Gale


"I accepted the job's offer.  I'm really happy, satisfied, pleased and thankful to you Mr Chris and to English Jobs Turkey for your involvement and help, and I hope, if you live there in Turkey, to meet you and thank you in person."
Yasser Labidi


" I am really grateful to English Jobs Turkey for a very prompt reply and keeping me through all the stages. The pre-interview is done on a professional level, so you can understand that the people do care about helping other people to find a proper job.
There are also useful materials sent on a weekly base! Thank you for what you do!"
- Valeriya Grigoryeva

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