Are you struggling to get job interviews?

Find out what non native speakers can do to beat the 'native speakers only' problem.

Problem:  Schools often don't look at CVs from non native speakers.

Solution:  Prove your accent and fluency with a globally recognised certificate from Pearson.

Result:  Get more job interviews at more reputable schools with higher salaries.

  • Automated verbal test taken by phone or on a computer.
  • Test time = 15 mins
  • Get your results immediately with a TOEFL and CEFR score.
  • Employers love it!

There are 3 types of job applicant. 

Which one are you?

Can non native speakers get a job teaching English in Turkey?

1.  A native speaker. 

2.  A non native speaker with a Pearson certificate.

3.  A non native speaker.

If you are number #3, you need to do something to get your CV read.

Read on.  We've got a secret weapon for you.

The #1 reason employers don't invite non native speakers to an interview is.......accent. 

Schools love the Pearson report because it proves a candidate has the accent and fluency they are looking for!

Take the test today and learn what your TOEFL score and CEFR level is in just 15 mins!

Employers LOVE applicants with the Pearson certificate


Non native speakers applying for teaching jobs abroad,  should have this certificate on their CV.

For only £40 and just 15 mins of your time it can make a world of difference.

Available today for only £40

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying:

Yasmin ShawkatPrimary School Teacher - Grade 6, Priavte School, Istanbul

I'm Yasmin Shakwat. An English teacher from India. I wanted to try my luck in another country and started applying for quite a lot of different jobs to see what I could get. I didn't know that an English level certificate was a good idea in a job application but when they called me from the school for an interview it seemed like they were already going to offer me a job from the start.

Ahmed Al -SakkaBusiness English Teacher - Language School, Istanbul

Hi Chris!  I just wanted to write and say thanks for the advice!  The test was fun actually, and it's definitely made a difference!  I was getting so frustrated with the 'native speakers' only thing.  It was only 34$ so I figured I had nothing to lose.  I just think it helps the employers sort the serious people from the time wasters, and gives them an extra reason to interview you.  If you do a good interview  you can easily get a job here.

Yasser LabidiLanguage Instructor - University, Istanbul

I accepted the job's offer.  I'm really happy, satisfied, pleased and thankful to you Mr Chris and to English Jobs Turkey for your involvement and help, and I hope, if you live there in Turkey, to meet you and thank you in person.