English Teaching Jobs in Turkey


For those with a sense of adventure who wish to escape the traffic,
crowds and over inflated prices of the major cities, Eskişehir is a little
known gem offering the discerning individual a slice of real Turkey.

Off the beaten traffic but by no means remote, this attractive and
vibrant university town has the best of both worlds.

With some excellent job opportunities available through our high
profile partners we encourage applications from serious well qualified
candidates today.

teaching jobs in Eskişehir, Turkey


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Due to the large population of university students, there are many
bars, pubs, clubs, and discos scattered around the city. It is usually
possible to attend a live music performance at weekends. Several
pubs in the riverbank of porsuk and the clubs near train station
offers a good night, and also an opportunity to know local students.



Because of the relatively large university student population,
the city centre, especially streets leading to or running parallel
with the Porsuk River are teeming with local and American-style
fast food restaurants and pizzerias.


road map

Eskişehir is a junction of almost all major rail lines in Turkey,
so it is possible to go almost anywhere.  Most trains departing
from Istanbul and all trains departing from Ankara and Izmir
stop at Central station, from which most of city centre is a short
stroll away.  Ankara is connected to the central station of Eskişehir
by a high speed train service (YHT) seven times a day which
takes only 1h 20min and costs just 25 TL



We have jobs for teachers at all levels of experience in Eskişehir.

There are teaching job vacancies in Eskşehir at Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools.

We have several corporate clients here as well, so we are particularly interested in talking to teachers with ESP experience, business English experience and those with course design and content development knowledge and experience.