English Teaching Jobs in Turkey

40,000 New Foreign Teachers

The Ministry of Education is planning to bring 40,000 foreign teachers for language courses.

A new Ministry of Education program plans to bring 40,000 foreign teachers to Turkey for language courses.  According to the plan, foreign teachers will be assigned not only to elementary schools and high schools but also to kindergartens.

Some non-governmental organizations have already found fault with the new education program, criticizing government spending to bring in foreign teachers while 400,000 Turkish teachers are waiting for assignments.

Ünal Akyüz, head coordinator of the projects department in the Ministry of Education, said the criticism is baseless because the plan will help the education system in Turkey.

Akyüz said there are currently 48,000 English teachers in Turkey. According to the plan, up to 10,000 foreign English teachers will come to Turkey every year for four years, meaning 40,000 foreign teachers will be assigned to work in the country.

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