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Time. Costs. Steps. A Guide To Renewing A Turkish Residence Permit

Residence permit

This is the real story of the steps involved in renewing a Turkish residence permit.



A Guide To Renewing A Turkish Residence Permit

What the form on the e-randevu system says you must bring:

  • The form
  • 4 passport photos
  • Photocopy of passport details page and last entry to Turkey page
  • Evidence of $300 per month (so $3600 for the one year visa)
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Evidence of address (e.g. rent agreement – must be dated this year and current)

What actually happened:

  1. Go to photographer and get photos. Cost 12TL. Time taken 10 minutes.
  2. Walk to bank and get statement showing funds. Have it signed and stamped. Cost zero. Time taken 15 minutes plus 2 minute walk.
  3. Walk to Nufus and see person #1 to get printout of address. See person #2 to get that stamped and signed. Cost zero. Time taken 10 minutes plus 5 minute walk.
  4. Walk to police station. Register arrival and wait. See policeman within 5 minutes of appointment time and hand over paper work.


a.  Health insurance, though original and on company’s letter headed paper was not stamped and signed.

b.  Paperwork from Notary required stating Turkish girlfriend would act as guarantor should I default on anything (not part of requirements according to e-randevu system).

c.  Requested photocopy of residence permit (Actual book I took is now expired, so I suggested he just keep that, but not acceptable.) (Not part of requirements according to e-randevu system). Cost zero. Time taken 30 minutes plus 15 minute walk.


  1. Walk to Notary and queue to see person #1, get guarantor form. Queue to see person #2 to get form signed and stamped. Queue to see person #3 to pay for form. Cost 35TL. Time taken 30 minutes plus 10 minute walk.
  1. Phone insurance company and requested an emailed signed and stamped version of insurance document. Go to coffee shop with WIFI and wait 25 minutes.
  2. Walk to copy shop, get email forwarded to copy shop owner, get document printed out, along with residence permit photocopied. Cost 30TL. Time taken 15 minutes plus 10 minute walk.
  1. Walk to police station. All paperwork checked again and OK, bar one page of existing residence book (which has no relevant details on it anyway). Copy required. Cost zero. Time taken 15 minutes plus 10 minute walk.
  2. Walk to office where you pay for new residence card. It is up 3 flights of spiral staircase with no lift. Get a form which is signed and stamped. Cost 50TL. Time taken 10 minutes plus 10 minute walk. (Note – office is in a residential looking building tucked away in a place nobody knows and virtually impossible to find without fluent and persistent Turkish.)
  1. Get a minibus to Bostancı tax office to pay the residence permit fee – a separate charge to the residence permit card. Take a ticket on entrance and queue. Cost $85 converted to 195TL. Time taken 15 minutes plus 25 minute bus ride. Cost of ride 1.75TL.
  2. Take minibus back to Maltepe. Cost 1.75TL. Time taken 25 minutes.
  1. Get missing page of old residence book photocopied. Cost 25 krs.
  1. Walk to police station and present receipts from both offices where I had to pay. All paperwork once more meticulously checked. Missing photocopy page now not required after all. Get receipt for process and told new residence card will arrive in the post in 30 days time. Cost zero. Time taken 15 minutes.


The health insurance cost 907TL and in the first year covers pretty much nothing at all as there are exceptions relating to health matters, circumstance matters (such as alcohol, earthquake, terrorism etc.) and special exclusions for the first year of the policy. Combined these more or less exclude any claim where it can be proved that you were alive before, during or after the claim date.

Total cost for 1 year residence, approximately 1200TL.

Total number of different government buildings required to visit = 5

Total number of non-government buildings also visited = 5

Total time on the day, approximately 6 hours.

Total wait to get an appointment 2 months.

Total time to actually get new permit – to be discovered!


Post written by Martin Robson

Email Martin:  together "at" english.languagelearning.club




  • By DC 04 Mar 2015

    Since when do you need evidence of health insurance to get a residence permit? In March of 2014, I got my residence permit in Istanbul at the Beyoglu police station and no one asked for proof of health insurance. Is that new? So without health insurance the cost is really closer to 300 tl.

  • By admin 08 Mar 2015

    Dear DC,

    Thanks for your comment.
    You were very lucky! The changes came in April 2014.
    If you make an appointment on the e-randevu system now you will see it in the list of requirements.

    The reason is, I believe, that you are declaring that you won’t be working during your stay in Turkey so you are not entitled to government health care (SGK). In the case of sickness or injury the Turkish government wants to make sure that you are protected.

    I hope you got a long residence permit in March 2014!

  • By Regina 12 Jun 2015

    I don’t update my rendevu to new system before my appointment date..

  • By Regina 12 Jun 2015

    Will I encounter problem on my appointment date?

  • By Zahir Nathoo 20 Jul 2020

    Are you able to provide/help and/or facilitate the process on behalf of myself and 2 other family members. We have good reasons to renew including medical treatment here in Istsnbul. I have a turkish line, we can speak. Please email me back. Thanks.

  • By Sikander vashist 15 Dec 2020

    I wand renewal

  • By Shifat nalwadda 18 Dec 2020

    how do i renew my resident permit

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