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I spent most of last year battling with students and I felt like I was wasting my time.  No matter how interesting and creative I made my lesson plans I could not get them settled long enough to teach them anything.

It was a hopeless situation and I was on the brink of quitting many times.  Pushed to my limits, I lost my temper several times and, with it, any shred of respect from the kids.

So I went in search of a solution.

I found a methodology which I had never come across before but instantly recognised as something which would address my specific challenges.

I was excited but also apprehensive.   

The method does require the teacher to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and this is never easy.  Especially if there is a class that you really dread going in to.  The thought of doing something a little risky is pretty daunting.  So I started with a class I felt was one of the better ones.  More open to having fun and going along with something new.  The effect was incredible!  Virtually 100% student engagement in the lesson and 100% of the lesson time spent on topic.

I could not wait to try it with another class.  The results were the same.

And in the worst of worst classes............... the results were even better!

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